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Women-Owned Practices

At Warp + Weft, we delight in helping health and wellness providers brand, market, and grow their practices so they can focus on caring for their patients, clients, employees, families, and, most importantly, themselves.

As small business owners ourselves, we recognize the common challenges that come with building and running a practice. It’s what drives us to work with private practices across Maine, especially women-owned practices on a mission to provide quality care. 

We believe in what you are doing for Mainers – improving quality of life, preventing future health issues, and solving complex medical challenges – all while trying to run your practice. We want to help you meet your business goals so your practice can thrive and you can live the life you want, while making a positive impact on our communities.


Warp + Weft was able to crystallize and communicate our core focus as an organization and get at the heart of why what we do matters.”


How Can We Help?

We listen + strategize.
We learn everything about your practice — your business challenges and goals, the benefits you offer your patients, how you’re different from your competitors — then we develop a plan to meet your goals. 

We elevate your brand.
Brand elevation will be different for every practice. For you, it may be a refreshed logo, updated messaging, new website, or a strategy for improved patient communication. 

We market your practice.
We’ll market your practice by targeting the right people, at the right time, and on the right marketing channel — all with your business goals in mind. This may include social media management, email marketing, advertising and more.

Our Work


We have deep experience in healthcare branding and marketing and invite you to explore some of of the work we’ve done for other practices.


women owned agency

Meet Our Owners

We’re a women-owned agency that’s been working in healthcare marketing for over a decade. We help healthcare organizations – large and small – solve their branding and marketing challenges. As women business owners, we’re passionate about working with other women in leadership.

We’d be delighted to work with you too!

Jennie Malloy + Aimee Goodwin
Owners of Warp + Weft

Ready to grow your practice and do more of what you love?

We offer half-hour consultations that include a complimentary marketing assessment. You’ll walk away with 3 things you can do now to enhance your brand and strategically market your practice – whether you choose to work with us or not.

Contact Jennie + Aimee to set up a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only work with women?

Absolutely not! As a women-owned agency, we’re passionate about helping other women in leadership but we have a long history of partnering with organizations of all shapes and sizes. We welcome a conversation with any business owner – male, female, or non-binary.

How much does it cost to work with you?

At Warp + Weft, we believe in offering a range of options to ensure our client’s branding and marketing needs are met with top-notch expertise and creativity. Whether they’re looking for a specific project or seeking a long-term partnership, we’re here to craft the perfect solution for their brand. Our standard branding packages start at $15,000. For clients looking for custom solutions and a more comprehensive approach, our engagements generally begin at a minimum of $20,000 annually. Let’s explore the possibilities and find the ideal fit for your branding and marketing journey!

How do you measure success?

We firmly believe in the power of setting clear and measurable goals to determine the success of our client’s branding and marketing strategies. That’s why we always start by identifying their business goals and objectives. Whether it’s increasing sales, boosting brand awareness, or improving customer engagement, we help our clients define their goals and desired outcomes.

Once we have a clear understanding of these objectives, we develop a customized marketing and branding plan that is tailored to address their unique needs and challenges. We bring together a range of tactics and strategies, from logo design to content marketing to social media management, that align with the established goals.

Ultimately, we measure success by our clients’ progress towards their business goals.

Can we hire you to do all our marketing?

Yes, absolutely! Developing or elevating a brand is just the beginning of a successful branding and marketing journey. We offer the option of serving as your dedicated marketing department on a monthly fixed-price basis. You get the skills of high-level strategists, graphic designers, writers, and web developers without having an entire marketing team on your payroll. This approach allows for a comprehensive and ongoing partnership to support your marketing needs, ensuring a consistent and strategic approach to your brand’s growth and success.