Maine-based branding, marketing, and advertising agency


We are a woman-owned branding and marketing agency based in Auburn, Maine.

Honesty and authenticity drive us.

Integrity and respect guide us.

Creative thinking inspires us.

Our intentionally small team is made up of dynamic writers and graphic artists, strategists and thinkers, intelligent digital developers and media experts. We’re sticklers for hard work, open communication, meaningful collaboration, and long-term relationships—all balanced by a healthy dose of fun.

We roll up our sleeves and dig uncommonly deep, fully committed to doing the absolute best work we possibly can to bring your unique brand promises to life in compelling ways.

The meaning behind Warp + Weft

Def. (1) From weaving, in which the warp—the threads that run lengthwise—and the weft—the threads that run across—make up the fabric. (2) The essential, underlying foundation upon which something is built

For us personally and as an agency, Warp + Weft holds great meaning. Our chosen hometown of Lewiston-Auburn, Maine, has a rich history of makers and craftsmen—of textile workers and weavers, who spent their lives in the mills where we now work. We are inspired by their tenacity and aspire to model our own work after their integrity and dedication to quality. Like them, we are committed to our craft. Only our craft is weaving together words, design, strategy, and truthful storytelling to create authentic, beloved brands that last.
We are Warp + Weft. We brand with texture.