You’re Warp and What??

You’re Warp and What??

As of June 11th, 2019, this spitfire seven-member team and cracker-jack branding agency (if we do say so ourselves) is to be known as Warp + Weft.

“What the heck,” you ask? We’re prepared for that question. Although warp and weft is a legit term in the English language, its meaning is not well known and certainly not typically associated with a branding and marketing company.

Well, we’re about to change that.

Literally, warp and weft are the two components used in weaving that turn thread or yarn into fabric. The warp yarn is held in place lengthwise on the frame or loom, while the weft yarn is drawn over and under the warp.

Figuratively, the term is used to suggest the essential foundation on which any structure is built.

For us personally and as a branding agency, Warp + Weft means a great deal. Here’s the “short” answer for why we went W+W.

First and foremost, our chosen hometown of Lewiston-Auburn has a rich history of makers and craftsmen—of textile workers and weavers, who spent their lives in the mills where we now work. We are inspired by their tenacity and aspire to model our own work after their integrity and dedication to quality.

Like them, we are committed to our craft. Only our craft is weaving together words, design, strategy, and truthful storytelling to create authentic, beloved brands that last.

We are also firm subscribers to the idea of foundational branding. Is that a thing? Maybe we made it up. But it’s critically important. Just as the warp and the weft create the foundation, the fabric, we create brands from the ground up by focusing on the essential brand building blocks of brand strategy, brand identity, and brand experience.

Finally, we believe there are two essential components of any great brand—the strategy and the craft. When you have a rock solid strategy you know who you are, where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and who you need to be talking to in order to grow. Through the craft comes the creativity—the writing, the design, the words, the images. Only when these work in perfect concert can a great brand be built.

We are Warp + Weft. And we brand with texture.

Jennie Malloy

Owner + Director of Strategy