When is the Right Time for a New Headshot?

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When is the Right Time for a New Headshot?

When is the Right Time for a New Headshot?

Being in the branding and marketing industry, and with one of our services being website development, we see a lot of headshots! If you clicked on this link wondering if it’s time for a new one, it probably is.

If any of these apply to you, it’s time to get your favorite photographer on the line. Stat.:

  • Your headshot is more than five years old
  • Your appearance has changed (cut your hair or lost 20 pounds?)
  • Your current photo was taken by your colleague on his iPhone 6
  • There’s seasonal décor in the background (yep, Christmas tree, I’m looking at you!)
  • You have no idea where the high resolution version is and the best you can do is download it from your LinkedIn profile
  • Your bangs and the banana clip scream 1988 (though I hear the banana clip is coming back in style)
  • It’s out of focus (blurry) and may resemble a mug shot

Okay, you’ve identified that you fit into one or more of the categories above. What now?

  • If you only pay attention to one thing we recommend, please make it this: hire a professional photographer. They know how to properly light a shot which makes all the difference in the world when it comes to looking your best.
  • On shoot day…
    • Dress in clothing that’s appropriate for your profession and what you would wear to an important client meeting.
    • Avoid bold patterns, large jewelry, and heavy makeup application.
    • Schedule the shoot in the morning when you’re at your best
  • Once your photo is complete and you’ve received the final, file the high resolution version in a safe place. When it comes time to send your headshot out, always send the original file (not the one you’ve cropped and added to LinkedIn).

We hope this is helpful and keeps you looking your best! Now, no more Christmas trees in the background, please?

Aimee Goodwin

Owner + Creative Director