Social Media Image Sizes: The Quick and Dirty Guide

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Social Media Image Sizes: The Quick and Dirty Guide

Social Media Image Sizes: The Quick and Dirty Guide/h3>
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You’re merrily posting images to Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Since life is simple and everyone wants your job to be easy, you can just throw your image up onto all of those sites and have it look great. Unfortunately, that could not be further from the truth. Life is not simple and the world wants to make the simplest of tasks, like posting a photo on multiple social media platforms, the absolute worst.

Not to mention each of those social media platforms throughout the year go through “user upgrades and enhancements” just to change the image size requirements you finally got used to, giving you even more of a headache.

I totally understand how annoying this is, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you need to resize your images for each social media platform. If you don’t, you will have images that look odd or blurry; you won’t look like you know what you’re doing; and even worse, you’ll lose audience engagement.

So, below is a quick and dirty guide to get you through this absolutely ridiculous task. Maybe the world is on your side after all…

If you want a more complete guide check out this 21-page guide from Shortstack.

And if you’re a more visual person check out this great graphic from

Kayla Quesnel

Digital Strategist