Dark Purple or Dill? Our Colors Exposed.

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Dark Purple or Dill? Our Colors Exposed.

Dark Purple or Dill? Our Colors Exposed.

Accuracy wasn’t what I expected when I picked up a coffee table book titled Colorstrology while waiting for Pilates class (bougie, right?), but that’s what I got.

The book promised to match one’s birthday to a unique PMS (Pantone Matching System) number and to deliver personal profiles harnessing the “metaphysical power of color.” Could 366 (don’t forget the leap-day babies!) PMS colors really offer insights into personality?

PMS is kind of a big deal in the design world and to anyone who cares about the “Color of the Year.” (Living Coral, anyone?) I flipped to my birthday and flipped out. Not only did the writeup accurately describe me—the good and the bad—it also listed my partner’s birthday as my perfect match (he’s doomed).

A quick, scientific test of reading through my family member’s birthdays confirmed that this book had some solid info in it. So what could it tell me about my coworkers?

Here’s a synopsis of the Warp + Weft team’s color report, in chromatic order.


Birthdate: July 4

Lily Green (PMS 13-0317)

A builder, productive, hard-working, and financially astute. Your color reminds you to be playful.


Birthdate: May 27

Dill (PMS 18-0108)

A communicator, charming, friendly, and devoted. Your color brings courage.


Birthdate: Feb 28

Orchid Mist (PMS 17-3612)

A doer, tenacious, energetic, and warm. Your color promotes self-care and relaxation.


Birthdate: April 22

Dark Purple (PMS 19-2524)

A commander, confident, funny, and spicy. Your color chills you out.


Birthdate: Oct 29

Beaujolais (PMS 18-2027)

A preceptor, intelligent, witty, and persuasive. Your color mixes ease and intention.


Birthdate: Nov 7

Chili Pepper (PMS 19-1557)

A writer, generous, knowledgeable, and open-hearted. Your color balances your heart and mind.

Building a vibrant work community may take more than consulting Colorstrology for future hires (we do need some blue), but it is interesting to see how a balance of personalities can be represented—and illuminated—by color.

What do hue think? Ok, I’m out of color jokes.

Credit: Colorstrology, What Your Birthday Color Says about You by Michele Bernhardt, ©2005, 2014 by Pantone, Inc.

Sarah Karp

Senior Designer