Branding Featurette: Sofia Fima

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Branding Featurette: Sofia Fima

Branding Featurette: Sofia Fima

American designer, accomplished architect and local entrepreneur Dianna Pozdniakov connected with Kander in May of 2017 to rebrand her luxury handbag company, Sofia Fima.

Inspired by fellow female professionals—whether plucky new hires, working moms seemingly always on the go, or bona fide business woman killing it day in and day out—Dianna wanted to celebrate today’s modern women by bringing together stylish versatility with luxury craftsmanship. Having experienced her own desire and need for a professional handbag that would help keep her organized from brunch to business meeting, play date to date night all while imbuing confidence (but not being able to find one on the market), she knew this was the niche Sofia Fima would fill—and she needed a strong brand to help get her there.

Our process began with participation in focus groups held by Dianna herself. We listened and noted what women were saying about what they wanted, needed, and desired in a bag. Soon after we sat down with the tenacious entrepreneur for a few in-depth brand discovery sessions—we wanted to know what drove her, what spoke to her, what turned her off as a consumer. Serious competitive analysis and research in the handbag industry (who knew that nearly a third of all handbag companies name their bags female names?!) wrapped up our initial processes.

We developed a cutting-edge, strong, fem-inspired brand for Dianna that spoke both to her aspiration to empower as well as to her vision for the products. In the comprehensive brand guide we created, we provided not only the verbal building blocks of a brand (mission, vision, brand positioning, tagline, elevator pitches, etc.) and the visual (logo, icon, color palette and tertiary palette, etc.) but also some marketing strategy (target audience personas) and even went a step further to include a brand style guide for photoshoots and presentation on social and online.

With a tight deadline to launch in time for the holidays, we handed off a spirited and dynamic brand to Dianna before she undertook the creation of her website with another team. We wish her the best in her endeavors and are honored to be ambassadors for Sofia Fima.

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Aimee Goodwin

Owner + Creative Director